Rare Types of Penguins!

Most people assume that all penguins are black and white, but this isn’t the case. There have been multiple rare occasions where there has been a mutation in penguin DNA that has created rare type of penguins.

All Black Penguin: Photographer Andrew Evans captured the photo of the all black mutant penguin. It was found on the Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia.  The rare penguin’s color is because of a mutation in its pigmentation. Usually, when a birds pigmentation fails they will usually have some spots of white, so the fact that this penguin has no white spots is shocking. Dr. Allan BaImageker ,professor of Environmental and Evolutionary Studies at the University of Toronto, noted that the penguin was “bizzare and can’t even believe it.”


All White Penguin: David Stephens, a naturalist on the board of Lindblad Expeditions’ National Geographic Explorer ship, got a photo of the rare all white penguin in Antarctica. Its color is due to a lack of pigmentation in its feathers. The bright white color is a downside when diving for fish because normally the black color camouflages them. Even though the penguins have a mutated color, they have no problem finding mates and continue to breed.


Yellow-Eyed Penguin: Rare yellow-eyed penguins were spotted on Curio Bay, New Zealand. They are called Hoiho and were given this name because of the yImageellow band that lines their head and their eye color. These penguins are one of the rarest species of penguin, there are only 5000 of them currently and they are a protected bird.



Galapagos Penguin: This type of penguin is the rarest type of all penguins. It is the only Imagepenguin that lives North of the Equator in thewild. It is also the second smallest penguin species, its average height and weight being 19inx5.5lbs. They look like the typical penguin, a black/gray upper half and a whitest stomach.





These are only a few of the rare types of penguins that there are in the world. These four penguins prove that people who assume that penguins have a boring black and white look are wrong. Penguins are more than simple black and white creatures.


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