Penguin Breeding Facts!

Reproduction is a factor of life, so it’s no shock that penguins mate to produce their adorable waddling chicks. Penguins breed in large colonies which make them very sociable. Female penguins lay the egg, most of them lay two eggs but larger penguins like the emperor penguin only lay one.

How do they choose their mate? The female penguin will typically choose who they mate with. The male penguin will try to impress the female in hopes of getting chosen by cleaning themselves, building nests, and using mating calls. Once penguins have found their mate, they form a monogamous relationship and will only mate with that penguin.

Penguin choosing mate


When do penguins mate? Penguins are matured to mate between the ages of 3 and 8. They usually have specific mating periods but some species of penguins mate up to 3 times a year producing offspring usually 2 of those times. When food is scarce penguins will stop reproduction for awhile in fear of not being able to care for the offspring.

How does the chick hatch? Both parents of the egg have a role in its hatching. They will typically “hold” the egg during the incubation period which can last between 30 to 64 days. Many eggs are abandoned in this state because the partner fails to return to the egg and the other is unaware. Once the penguin is ready to hatch it can take several days for the chick to emerge from the egg.

Penguin holding egg.

penguin with egg.JPG

Caring for the offspring: Even if more than one egg was hatched, only one of the offspring will survive because the parents will devote all their attention to one of the chicks. Sometimes the offspring will die, and if it does female penguins will often attempt to steal another penguins chicks. They usually fail because of penguins of the colony will attack her. In return if a chick is abandoned a mother penguin who lost her egg will typically take care of it.

Learning about penguins breeding can make the penguin lover realize how harsh penguins can really be. They give selfish love to only one of their chicks and can be criminals if theirs die. Even with the harsh reality of breeding facts,in the end the product is great. A world filled with the adorable waddling bird.


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